‘So You Think You Can Dance’: And the winner is …

It was clear we were in for a strange episode of So You Think You Can Dance on Wednesday night the minute guest judge Debbie Reynolds started cracking jokes about her limited time left on the planet. Reynolds purchased a ticket for the Horny Seniors Express. The judges made no mention of it, but I felt like Rickey brought more to the dance, too; in one side-by-side spin, he whipped his leg like a propeller, while Ryan went with a more basic step. Even as the couple was getting feedback from the judges, the poor girl was trying to coax her cleavage back into its proper place. Caitlynn Lawson and Mitchell Kelly Contemporary: Stacey Tookey My second favorite performance of the night started with Caitlynn and Mitchell in armchairs — the former in the foreground and filled with angst, the latter in the background and exuding confidence. I gasped when she springboarded off that chair into his arms with utter fearlessness.

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The most crowd-pleasing moves start making their way through the country on September 19 in New Orleans, LA. The highly anticipated production will feature this season’s most popular routines as well as original pieces created specifically for the nationwide tour. Audiences around the country can now experience the inspirational action brought to their living rooms twice a week on television, live and in person.

Kent Boyd Photos – Dancers Kent Boyd and Lauren Froderman arrive at the ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Season 10 Top 20 · Pattie Boyd.

The only thing crazier than Ellen DeGeneres ‘ spectacular hip-hop performance on tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance finale is all the insane scoop we got on the red carpet after the show. Who is auditioning for Glee? Is Mary Murphy bringing back her hot tamale train? We’ve got all the answers Um, yes: “I will spend a little bit for something for my parents,” she added, “because they supported me and believed in me this whole time and I wouldn’t be the dancer I am without them.

I don’t think I could’ve done Tahitian without it. Crutch to Lean On: Runner-up Kent Boyd was obviously disappointed when he arrived on the red carpet, his face tearstained and badly in need of a hug. We obliged. When we asked whether he’d talked to his injured BFF Alex Wong after tonight’s loss, he said, “Yeah, he came up to me afterward and said, ‘You’re still a winner in my book.

SYTYCD Winner Lauren Denies Romance With Finalist Kent

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So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 Episode Top 6 Perform. Air Date: 7/​21/ ← Prev Episode · Next Episode →. Your Top 6 Robert & Lauren (Jazz): Robert’s best week to date. Kent & Kathryn (Jazz): The man to beat once again.

That’s down slightly from Season 14’s. It doesn’t seem likely that such a reliable series would get the axe just yet, though you never know. Therefore, it makes sense to assume that it could return sometime in June Deadline broke the news of the Season 15 renewal on Feb. So keep your eyes peeled for official news from the network sometime in Spring And what if you want to make a play to become America’s favorite dancer yourself? Well, you’d better start warming up now. According to Dance Spirit magazine, auditions for Season 15 started on Mar.

Assuming they start in early March again this year, that should give enough time to perfect your pops, locks, and pas de bourrees. If you need a little inspiration before putting on your dancing shoes, or just a distraction to keep you busy until Season 16 comes out, why not check out some of the highlights from the past 15 seasons in the list below? Definitely the fastest Mambo of all time, cousins and competitors Heidi and Benji make Johnny and Penny from Dirty Dancing look like absolute beginners.

Plus they’re both so darn cute, you can see why America was so eager to name Benji its favorite dancer. The pair are so in sync, it’s like they were made to do these moves.

‘So You Think You Can Dance’ tour comes to Coliseum

And yet, for once I want to focus on the dancing, and one dance in particular. However, there are times when it feels like the choreographer is using the show as an outlet for their vision, which is entirely acceptable, and one of the key elements of the series, but which at times feels as if it is disconnected from the competition. Tyce used them as an outlet for his emotions, rather than using their skill as inspiration for his piece, and upsetting that balance can result in some impressive dancing but can also mask some of what makes the show so interesting.

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Cat Deeley in So You Think You Can Dance () Cat Deeley and Ashley Galvan Think You Can Dance () Billy Bell, Kent Boyd, Robert Roldan, Lauren.

It was no easy task, but we managed to pare our list down to 10 of the best numbers from Season 7. This super fun number made us want to bedazzle our Chuck Taylors and dance. This was our first taste that Robert would be real competition this season. Just in case you forgot why Mia was nominated for two Emmys, she reminded you with this number. Seriously, could there be any other at number one? How did that feel? I just think that I needed the piece and this piece really showcased it and it was awesome.

Save it definitely, but definitely gonna give back to my school. I know right! I was going to go off to school in New York and it was gonna be a lot of money. I just want to dance and let go and not worry about what people are going to say because this is it. This is all you get.

Tap Dancers on SYTYCD-USA Season 7

All of them, without fail, were more mature as dancers than Lauren Froderman, and projected more sexuality and sass, perhaps because nearly all of them were older than Lauren Froderman. She can. Of course she did. One final thought on this subject. As a former competitive musician, I understand this aspect.

kent boyd and lauren froderman- SOOO AWESOME! they inspire me so much as a So You Think You Can all things Kent Boyd Love.

But this week, it was hands down Alex and Allison. I had goosebumps after watching their performance. Here is them dancing on YouTube. I forgot to set the DVR for the shows, but I did catch the last part of the elimination show on Thursday. Thanks for posting this…my husband was telling me about it. My favorite dancers so far are Alex, Robert and Ashley. Your email address will not be published.

So You Think You Can Dance Tour Tickets Go On Sale July 30

Lauren Froderman, 18, of Phoenix, Ariz. She is also one of just three contestants still standing after eight grueling weeks of intense dance competition on the Fox TV show. Tonight, Lauren and the two other remaining contestants will dance their final routines. When the show started in June, 11 dancers were competing.

Each week one competitor has been voted off of the show and now just three remain.

Tonight, Lauren and the two other remaining contestants will dance their final “​So You Think You Can Dance,” now in its seventh season, pits Her competitors for the top prize are dancers Robert Roldan, 20, of Thousand Oaks, Calif., and Kent Boyd, 18, of Botkins, Ohio. Stay up to date on COVID

Time to get serious. The finals are upon us. This is the point in the So You Think You Can Dance Canada competition when the interesting personalities extricate themselves from the pack. It will be grueling marathon of choreographic styles with 90 minutes to learn each routine. Pa pa pa boom boom. Ca ca. Got it? With music.

Reality Rocks! Reality TV fans head to LA…

They even manage to work Alex Wong, in a chair, into the performance. Way cool. It’s been such a good season!

Kent Boyd is an LA-based choreographer, movement director, and producer who got his start as runner up on. Dancing to #ABBA puts you on another planet!

Whether his knee injury gets him eliminated like those two amazing contenders remains to be seen. The question is who will join him. It was her best dance to date as well. Loved the fact that it was just hot dancing. Great and precise and entertaining as hell. Good chemistry and great choreography by Dmitri. Jose contemporary : this number was really all about the insanely brilliant Allison who is seriously the best female dancer the show has ever had.

At least he was committed and had a deep emotional connection.

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Search Search. Menu Sections. P ast and present contestants from the Fox show, presented by Cat Deeley, will take to the stage for a date tour in the US.

Kent, Robert, or Lauren—who will take Season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance? The competition is over, and the votes have been cast, so.

Credit: Getty Images. Kent Boyd hails from Wapakoneta, Ohio , the hometown of Neil Armstrong , the first human to walk on the moon. Though Boyd, 18, hasn’t walked on the moon, he is walking on air since coming in second on the latest season of “So You Think You Can Dance. Friday night you can catch them strutting their stuff at Nassau Coliseum. The recent high-school grad with the charismatic smile and resemblance to a young Paul Newman had planned to be in New York this fall studying dance at Marymount Manhattan College.

Winning a spot on the tour has precluded those plans, at least for now. Boyd, who has been dancing since age 8, said he always knew he wanted to be a dancer. When he was in sixth grade and was asked “What do you want to be when you grow up,” Boyd said, “I’d always write about being a dancer. When I turned 13, I started taking it seriously.

Kent Boyd Interviews Lauren Froderman from the 2010 SYTYCD tour